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Established 2013 with more than 150 years experience!

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The Navigators Model Railway Group germinated over a period of time after a group of model railway enthusiasts exchanged ideas and practical support when life in a local model railway club didn’t quite work out.  (By the time  rented accommodation was opened and layouts under construction erected, the evening was over). Initially called the Three Musketeers then became 4, then 5 then someone suggested that what we were doing was new and that we could be navigating the future of model railways.  Navigators were born! (From Adversity)

There are no rules within Navigators other than a desire to build and share knowledge relative to model railways.  Our membership is strictly by invitation only as we really are a group of mates with no desire for internal politics and power struggles that so often blight membership at clubs.

Within our limited membership we have a number of layouts under construction including OO, EM and P4 layouts. Most layouts are designed not to travel - so we do the travelling.  DCC operation is the norm as is fine scale modelling,   Whist English railways are in the majority, we also have a North American layout!

The purpose of this site is to record and share progress as each layout develops in the hope that we will encourage others to take up the challenge and build layouts of their own.

As time progresses we will include a section that ‘shows how’ we approached and developed skills from baseboards to trouble shooting problems.

We would be very pleased to hear of your own progress and to receive any tips that you may wish to share. Thank you for visiting our site.  

We hope that you find its contents interesting and would appreciate your feedback.

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Work in Progress Updates - detail of work in progress is usually posted to the layout page.

Netherton Road: 20.03.2015 - Working signals

Worcester North: 18.03.2015 - Track-work continues to be laid

Frustration Halt: 07.03.2015 - Creating 4 DCC Power Districts