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Loft Conversions:

There is an assumption that loft spaces just need to be boarded and hey presto you have an instant space to store things or to create a model room.  Be warned, this is generally not the case.  Most loft spaces were never created with a view to storing general household ‘junk’ let alone a model room.  Generally the floor joist in a loft are simply too small to entertain non-habitable space.  

There are two options one can consider when converting a loft space.  

  1. Do you want it to be regarded as an extension to the existing property, or
  2. Is the area going to be a modified storage area?

Irrespective of use, you will need to ensure that floors are strengthened.  As this calculation is important  we would recommend that you seek professional advice against your property.  

A true loft conversion requires building control approval, but not necessarily planning permission.  For more information please click on the Government Planning Portal

Having built a few conversions, I would suggest considering the following:

For more information or advice click on Andrew: Andrew